Saturday, October 24, 2009


"FITS" by Austin TX's WHITE DENIM just ripped my face off.

i remember reading about them a few months ago in Dazed & Confused magazine, about how they self-record their brand of psychedelic-garage-experimental-acid blues-soul in an old trailer on the outskirts of town.

very few first listens, freak me out so bad like this one. the first track "radio milk - how can you stand it" hit me like a runaway milk truck and each track that followed had me riveted. bounding with energy, "FITS" is a beautifully schizophrenic album that is recorded perfectly, capturing what ever the hell it is that's going on here.

let's recap:
  • psychedelia
  • damaged blues
  • free-form/experimental
  • acid country
  • post-punk
  • soul/funk
  • classic rock
yep, not generally my favorite things, but in this case undeniable. get it and freak yourself out!

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