Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Band Names To Seriously Consider

Starting a band? Any of these names could be yours (but Music Trader employees will get a 25% commission). Potential 1st album titles are beside.

Sigourney Fever
Organ Boner / Hard Times Coming
Slug Leather
Bumflag / Hoist 'er Up!
The Ripples
Weasels On Ice
Scarf / Scarf It Down
Where's Your Chalice / The Macaroni Affair
Slugs In Love / Snail's Trail
Loogie Toes
Chewy Caboose
Pork Open Face
Gabba Gabba Hay: The Bluegrass Ramones Tribute Band
Greasy Goggles
Litebrite / Never Been Poked
Dr. Bootygrabber / Booty Motivator
Ghost Cat Freaky!
Andy Onassis
Andy Oh, No! Dragons!!!
Fart Sap
Poo Blast
Butt Munch
Shark Blimp
Secret Paka
Mucas Rollercoaster
A Hat Pond
Teenage Owls
Ninja Squirrels
Bonus Mucas
Cake Hawk
Liquid Goop
Wolf Punch!
My Friend Gail (Genre: Oprahcore)
Avian Liquor, Yo
The Second Sniff
Claw Pinky
Robot Baby
Black Geese
The Devil's Monkey
Vegetable Ambulance
Squid Ass
Moose Warning!
Renegade Ass Crayon
Scratch n' Sniff
Pingque Phloyd
Muffin Stump
Gator Wagon
Poverty Lunch
Forklift Annihilation
Blood Cork
The Consistent Pillows
Gator Aids

The Metal Band Name Game: You think of an awful word and match it with a pleasant word. Examples:

Flesh Necklace
Gonorrhea Napkin
Bacteria Puppy
Execution Summer
Holocaust Rainbow
Jerry Garcia Feces

Anagram band name: Take an existing band name and put it into an anagram generator:

Coldplay = Lady Clop
Beatles = Eel Bats
Weakerthans = Sneaker Thaw
Beastie Boys = Set Yo Babies
My Bloody Valentine = Yo, Mandible Novelty!
U2 = 2U

Feel free to add your own.


  1. Dirty Diaper - School of Rock kind of band covering things like AC/DC's "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap"

    Album title for Where's Your Chalice? should be "The Macaroni Metal Affair".

    Also, you left off the album title for Gonorrhea Napkin! "Don't Wipe Your Mouth With That".

    ALSO, you *cough* accidentally missed one of my personal favourites:

    Secret Mice, "The Confession Tapes"