Friday, July 31, 2009

Bermuda, Bahahas, C'mon Pretty Mama...

Did you go to Folk Fest this year?
If so, you're probably one of the people talking my ear off about how dreamy Sam Beam's beard was and how Elvis Costello pulled off the creepy-mustache thing with stylish aplomb. When not jabber-jawing about grooming, you've also been raving about a new act called Bahamas.

You're right to rave - Pink Strat is a great rock record and your friends down at Music Trader are loving it too. Jay Churko was overheard to say "yeah, that record's alright..." which is the equivalent of a ringing endorsement from the compliment-stingy Churkster. Out now on Nevado Records, we've got you covered over at 97 Osborne Street - copies are currently in stock (though hurry, they're moving quick like lightning). We've also got tickets for the October 18 Amy Millan show at the West End Cultural Centre.

Why am I mentioning Amy Millan? Because Bahamas is opening for Ms. Millan and for those looking to rekindle their Folk Fest memories or catch up on a buzz-band they missed, this is THE opportunity!

Here's some Bahamamian goodness if you need convincing this is an album you should buy and a show you should attend:

FYI, the photo credit goes to Mel Lemoine, host of Kablaamo! Thanks Mel!

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